Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello Koh Phangan

Our 'pilgrimage' to Koh Phangan began at Phi Phi where we and hundreds of other 20 somethings boarded a ferry. A day a hot bus trip, another ferry trip and a 30 minute Tuk Tuk ride later we reached our destination the Dancing Elephant Hostel. It is run by Frenchman, David (who first came here for the Full Moon Party seven years ago) and his family. The place is clean, the people are friendly and we have been staying in a 40 person dorm with disco lights, very fun and surprisingly quiet!

Partying outside our hostel before Full Moon

This post is named 'Hello Koh Phangan' as this is how we are often greeted by Thai business people... 'Hello massage' 'Hello kayak' 'Hello taxi' 'Hello tuk tuk' are just a few of them. It is quite funny.

The food here is amazing and very cheap. You can eat a beautiful meal in a restaurant for around $3 Australian. We have become addicted to Chicken Schnitzel sandwiches which prove to be great post party food.

The booze here is really cheap. For a vodka and red bull bucket (a sandcastle bucket with around a quarter of a bottle of vodka in it) you pay 150 B or $4.50 Australian.

The lead up to the Full Moon Party here has been really fun. The series of parties included: a pool party, Rhythm and Sands, and a Jungle Party!

Adam, Kim and Sam
We met an awesome Canadian backpacker, Adam, or Buzz.

Adam with his rice whisky
We met a cool Kiwi guy, Sam from Tauranga (below right) who is here from Perth for his second Full Moon.

The Kiwis
I have fallen in love with this little girl, Shakira, who lives at the hostel. Her and I watched Lion King and Disney videos on my phone all morning. She is the sweetest little girl.

Shakira and Kim

We made friends with a hilarious group of Irish backpackers who have been living in Australia and New Zealand over the past year.

James, Adam and The Irish
Last night included a little Irish dancing sesh with them...

We met up again with our French friend Linda who we met in Patong and Phi Phi.

Linda, Kim and James
We also met some cool guys from Uganda, Nick and Sam!

Sam, Nick and Sonja
Kim and the guy from The Hangover...
Kim's painting on Adam's back
David, the owner of the Dancing Elephant Hostel, DJing
After a couple of buckets and a challenge from an Irishman, Christian, James decided to go and get his ears pierced. 

The beach party was apparently awesome, you will have to read about it on Adam's blog as I only made it there for about an hour after drinking two buckets. 

James and Sonja partied with thousands of others on the beach. Dancing on wooden platforms in front of the giant fire sign that said "Full Moon Koh Phangan" was a highlight after seeing so many pictures of it over the years. They went on a waterslide with flames at the end from the top of a bar onto a pile of mattresses on the beach. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures because it's best to take nothing with you!

We have an extremely long boat, bus and train ride to Bangkok tomorrow where we will farewell James and head up to Chang Mai. As James says, "labourious".

Much love to all,

Kim and Sonja XX

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