Friday, October 26, 2012

Paradise in Phi Phi

When we left Patong for Ko Phi Phi we didn't realise we would be stepping into true paradise. Kim was "so excited she couldn't sleep."

Phi Phi Don is two islands connected by a sandy isthmus, where the town sits no more than 2 metres above sea level. There are no motor vehicles here, only bicycles and some motorised bikes. James and I instantly embraced walking around in bare foot for 4 days, and have hated having to wear shoes ever since.

I went for a walk to get my bearings and stumbled across what would become our favourite food place on the way to the beach. I think I ate there about 6 times in the 3 days we were on Phi Phi! The 50B ($1.50 Aus) Pad Thai could not be beaten.

Our first night we soaked up the atmosphere of the bars that line the beach, stretching out onto the sand and watched the fire show; twirling sticks and poi, fire skipping ropes and limbo. The talent of these performers has to be seen to be believed.

Our second day we went on a snorkling trip to the second island of Phi Phi which included a visit to Monkey Beach (in the video below) where monkeys roam the sand and a visit to Maya Bay where the movie The Beach was filmed.

A couple we met getting married at Maya Beach
Chilling at Maya Beach (a really hot hot guy offered to take this picture for us - booya)

On the main beach at Ko Phi Phi
The first highlight of the trip was the amazing snorkelling we did over coral reefs. We saw all kinds of tropical fish we have never seen before and the water was so clear.

The second highlight of our trip was meeting our Canadian friend Josh. It was an instant bromance for James and Josh, and we spent the majority of the rest of our time on Phi Phi with him.

Our awesome Canadian friend Josh <3 <3
We also met Sophie who is from Palmerston North who is travelling with her boyfriend Gustavo on their way to live in Argentina. These people and Linda, our half French, half English friend we met the morning we left Patong formed our group for one of my most favourite nights out of our trip so far. Buckets, jenga, neon connect four and dancing on tables at the Relax Bar (Swedish Bar)...

Our awesome Jenga night
Dancing on the tables with Linda, Josh, Sophie and Gustavo
The boys crew: James, Gustavo and Josh
The most awesome couple: Sophie and Gustavo XXXX
James, Sonja and our buddy Josh

On our last night in Phi Phi James and I had a friend follow us home. The next morning we joked about how maybe he would still be outside waiting for us. I got such a fright when I opened the door and nearly stood on him! 

James and his dog buddy

The morning we left Phi Phi I felt like I was leaving most of the most amazing places on earth, and I was so sad. I guess that means I will just have to go back!

At Phi Phi we stayed at a fantastic place, the Garden Inn. We had a 3 person room with air con and an ensuite and deck for 2000B between us ($60 Aus). The staff were really friendly and helpful and we would definitely recommend for those people wanting to get a good sleep as it is away from the noise of the beach party (about a 10 minute walk).


  1. sounds like an idyllic place to visit. may have to check it out for myself one day

  2. love the photos. keep them coming. sounds like you all are having a wonderful time