Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello Koh Phangan

Our 'pilgrimage' to Koh Phangan began at Phi Phi where we and hundreds of other 20 somethings boarded a ferry. A day a hot bus trip, another ferry trip and a 30 minute Tuk Tuk ride later we reached our destination the Dancing Elephant Hostel. It is run by Frenchman, David (who first came here for the Full Moon Party seven years ago) and his family. The place is clean, the people are friendly and we have been staying in a 40 person dorm with disco lights, very fun and surprisingly quiet!

Partying outside our hostel before Full Moon

Friday, October 26, 2012

Paradise in Phi Phi

When we left Patong for Ko Phi Phi we didn't realise we would be stepping into true paradise. Kim was "so excited she couldn't sleep."

Phi Phi Don is two islands connected by a sandy isthmus, where the town sits no more than 2 metres above sea level. There are no motor vehicles here, only bicycles and some motorised bikes. James and I instantly embraced walking around in bare foot for 4 days, and have hated having to wear shoes ever since.

I went for a walk to get my bearings and stumbled across what would become our favourite food place on the way to the beach. I think I ate there about 6 times in the 3 days we were on Phi Phi! The 50B ($1.50 Aus) Pad Thai could not be beaten.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Phuket: let's have a bucket

We have arrived in Phi Phi after an extreme 3 nights of partying in Patong... which included a pimped out Tuk Tuk ride, a Ping Pong show, and 3 back to back nights of drinking in an adults fantasy land; anything is possible in Thailand!

Bro chilling out in our dorm at the Backpackers

Fancy some crispy bacon?

At the Tiger Bar, Sonja is about the ring the bell

Gangham Styles
My bro carried us all around, it was awesome

Team fluro

Patong Backpackers
250B a night - 8 person dorm with ensuite

Extremely clean and really friendly couple (Num and his wife) own this backpackers.

The backpackers is right in the centre of town by the beach and it has aircon!

Over and out,

Miss Bombshell XX

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Singapore on a shoestring

Kim wrote a blog post the other day that sadly disappeared, so I'm going to try and recreate something here! I'm doing it on my iPhone so apologies for the layout but we will sort it later!

We spent a couple of days in Singapore touring the sights and eating up a storm. The Botanic Gardens were as beautiful as last time I went and I insisted Kim take a ride down Orchard Road to see the contrast in the different areas of Singapore.

The Botanic Gardens in Singapore

Friday, October 19, 2012

Up and away: Here we go

So here we are in Singapore. We are pretty tired and have just got back from dinner at a local food court: Green Curry and Beef Rengdang to share, yum!

Scoot was a fantastic airline to travel. We paid $211AUD each to fly from the Gold Coast to Singapore. We had lots of leg room on the plane and there was even a free water purifier on the plane to fill up our drink bottles. We made some sandwiches and brought some fruit for our eight hour flight and it went really quickly.

We love our letter themed photos y'all (GC if you didn't already realise)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A little preparation...

Well here we are, one week to go! I finally feel like I have made headway in my list that kept growing. Every time I crossed something off that list I added something else.

You would think with a mostly unplanned trip there wouldn't be too much to worry about, but I've lost count of the amount of lists I've written. I even have sub lists! (Medical supplies ie; 50 other things)

One of the key things to organise for travelling is the medical side of things. Luckily both of us have had our travel injections already, so we don't need to worry about that. However, I dithered over whether to get Rabies shots or not, since every time I see an animal in Asia I remember my travel doctor telling me "If you get bitten you must go to a hospital, or you will DIE". This was repeated more than once during my 20 minute consultation...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sonja and Kim take Asia: Some planning

For those of you that do not yet know we are soon embarking on an 8 week backpacking trip with around Asia.

We fly out of the GC on the 19th of October. Apart from a couple of days in Singapore, a day in Phuket, a couple of days Phi Phi Island and a long local bus and boat trip onto our Full Moon Party (Booya 30-30 list). We have nothing further planned and am going to take it as it comes, we have up until the 14th of December when we are flying out of Hanoi all the way to London.

We are making a to do list of sorts