Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Phuket: let's have a bucket

We have arrived in Phi Phi after an extreme 3 nights of partying in Patong... which included a pimped out Tuk Tuk ride, a Ping Pong show, and 3 back to back nights of drinking in an adults fantasy land; anything is possible in Thailand!

Bro chilling out in our dorm at the Backpackers

Fancy some crispy bacon?

At the Tiger Bar, Sonja is about the ring the bell

Gangham Styles
My bro carried us all around, it was awesome

Team fluro

Patong Backpackers
250B a night - 8 person dorm with ensuite

Extremely clean and really friendly couple (Num and his wife) own this backpackers.

The backpackers is right in the centre of town by the beach and it has aircon!

Over and out,

Miss Bombshell XX


  1. Thanks guys for the comments. Hope you are well. Look forward to speaking with you soon xxxx