Thursday, October 11, 2012

A little preparation...

Well here we are, one week to go! I finally feel like I have made headway in my list that kept growing. Every time I crossed something off that list I added something else.

You would think with a mostly unplanned trip there wouldn't be too much to worry about, but I've lost count of the amount of lists I've written. I even have sub lists! (Medical supplies ie; 50 other things)

One of the key things to organise for travelling is the medical side of things. Luckily both of us have had our travel injections already, so we don't need to worry about that. However, I dithered over whether to get Rabies shots or not, since every time I see an animal in Asia I remember my travel doctor telling me "If you get bitten you must go to a hospital, or you will DIE". This was repeated more than once during my 20 minute consultation...

Aside from injections, this time we are entering areas where we are at risk of contracting Malaria. (I can hear the travel doctor already, "If you have a fever you must go to hospital, or you will DIE.") This means being psycho with the insect repellent. Speaking of psycho...the Malaria pills I have been prescribed can cause, to mention a few, dizziness  depression, mood swings, headaches and crazy dreams. Fun times ahead! I'm testing them out before we go, and contemplating switching to the more basic antibiotic that I can buy over the counter when I'm there to assuage my paranoia about having side effects.

The thing about travelling in Asia, is that you want to be prepared with medical supplies should you need them. The problem with that is the amount of things you end up taking. On our trip to Vietnam this year, I swear half my luggage was medical related! 

Having said that, most of the time you are there you will be near a pharmacy that sells almost anything you can think of over the counter....if you can get them to understand what you want! After spending a good half hour in Saigon trying to help a poor fellow traveller get the medication she needed using all kinds of pictures and pantomimes (to no avail), I'm inclined to, as Brownies would say, be prepared!

So that means spending a whole lot of money on stuff I might never need. A sad circumstance indeed.

We are all packed (nearly...I'm a bit slack still)! Just getting through some last minute things I need to do before moving countries!

So here goes! Next time you hear from us we will be in the thick of it!


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  1. I love that you have been so frantic about packing yet you still had time to update your blog haha. Can't wait to read more. Have fun! x