Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lihn Trung Tran

I cannot get enough of Vietnamese artist Linh Trung Tran's work at the moment... I saw his Google piece in a bar in Hoi An, I have since come across his work when looking at images of Vietnam.When I return to Vietnam I most certainly will try to see some more of Linh's work.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A 20 something year old's highlights of Vietnam:

So some more comprehensive posts are in the pipeline but here is a brief outline of the Vietnam trip...

27 May – Gold Coast - KL Airport, 28 May – KL - Saigon Airport - Hanoi- saw the girls, 29 May – Hanoi - Halong Bay Tour- stayed on the Jolly Roger boat, 30 May – Halong Bay - stayed on Castaway Island, 31 May – Halong Bay - Hanoi - party times, 1 June – Hanoi - Water puppets, prison visit, History Museum visit, ate a snake, 2 June – Danang - Hoi An - met the girls, swimming, relaxing, 3 June – Hoi An - Shopping and Full Moon Festival, 4 June – Hoi An - My Son ruins and Marble Mountain motorcycle trip, 5 June – Hoi An - Danang - BMT - Lak Lake- 3 day motorcycle tour - stayed in BMT, saw a sugar factory, bears, a waterfall, a scorpian, 6 June – Lak Lake - visited minority village, rode an elephant, 7 June – Lak Lake - Da Lat - visited minority villages, visited silk factory, had a beating massage8 June – Da Lat - Saigon - shopping, 9 June – Saigon - Phu Quoc - saw the girls, 10 June – Phu Quoc - drinking with the girls, 11 June – Phu Quoc -motorcycling, night markets, massage, 12 June – Phu Quoc - boat tour, 13 June – Phu Quoc - Can Tho - markets, 14 June – Can Tho, Floating markets, 15 June – Ben Tre, Kiwi Hostel!, 16 June – Saigon, Partying and seeing Katie, 17 June – Saigon - drinking and shopping: went to the tunnels, went to the war museum, 18 June – Saigon - drinking and shopping, 19 June - Gold Coast - Home and over and out!

Highlights of Vietnam:

#Motorcycling around the Central Highlands with Easy Rider

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Easy Rider: Vietnam

We are 2 weeks into our trip! 

The Full Moon Festival in Hoi An on Sunday night was really neat. All of the local shops closed and the locals all made offerings outside of their businesses. The river was lined with thousands of candles. The girls and I went out in a boat and put candles on the river too, you make a wish as you float out your candle, mine was for you Mum.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hoi An: Pimping it!

We went to Alen, 104 Ba Trieu Street, Hoi An, to get our custom made to measure handbags and shoes made.

I paid 409,000,000 VND (or just over 200 AUS) to get my black sandals copied, brown high heeled clogs, black boots, blue heels and a blue and orange handbag (with amazing orange lining and blue zips) custom made just for me! All in leather - of course!

If I was to do this again I would get more outrageous heels made, you have the choice of anything so you may as well get something very different.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vietnam: partying, shopping, drinking...

Well it has been a week since we flew out of Brisbane and I am sitting in my Hotel Room in Hoi An relaxing before the Full Moon Festival tonight.

We got into Hanoi on Monday afternoon, met up with the girls and settled in at our hostel The Hanoi Backpackers Hostel (best backpackers, easy going, good atmosphere, wicked people).

Below is us enjoying our first night's dinner at a local restaurant (I had spiky chicken, vegetables and a Tiger beer). Food here is amazing and very cheap, around 5 Australian dollars for dinner and 2 Australian dollars for a beer! We had an early night on the Monday so we were ready for an early start and our Party Boat and Island three day tour of Ha Long Bay and the Islands.