Thursday, June 21, 2012

A 20 something year old's highlights of Vietnam:

So some more comprehensive posts are in the pipeline but here is a brief outline of the Vietnam trip...

27 May – Gold Coast - KL Airport, 28 May – KL - Saigon Airport - Hanoi- saw the girls, 29 May – Hanoi - Halong Bay Tour- stayed on the Jolly Roger boat, 30 May – Halong Bay - stayed on Castaway Island, 31 May – Halong Bay - Hanoi - party times, 1 June – Hanoi - Water puppets, prison visit, History Museum visit, ate a snake, 2 June – Danang - Hoi An - met the girls, swimming, relaxing, 3 June – Hoi An - Shopping and Full Moon Festival, 4 June – Hoi An - My Son ruins and Marble Mountain motorcycle trip, 5 June – Hoi An - Danang - BMT - Lak Lake- 3 day motorcycle tour - stayed in BMT, saw a sugar factory, bears, a waterfall, a scorpian, 6 June – Lak Lake - visited minority village, rode an elephant, 7 June – Lak Lake - Da Lat - visited minority villages, visited silk factory, had a beating massage8 June – Da Lat - Saigon - shopping, 9 June – Saigon - Phu Quoc - saw the girls, 10 June – Phu Quoc - drinking with the girls, 11 June – Phu Quoc -motorcycling, night markets, massage, 12 June – Phu Quoc - boat tour, 13 June – Phu Quoc - Can Tho - markets, 14 June – Can Tho, Floating markets, 15 June – Ben Tre, Kiwi Hostel!, 16 June – Saigon, Partying and seeing Katie, 17 June – Saigon - drinking and shopping: went to the tunnels, went to the war museum, 18 June – Saigon - drinking and shopping, 19 June - Gold Coast - Home and over and out!

Highlights of Vietnam:

#Motorcycling around the Central Highlands with Easy Rider

#Cu Chi Tunnels tour in Saigon: crawled right to the end of the tunnel and the six exits, shot an AK47 and an M60 machine gun.

#Food and Eating... Cooking class at Morning Glory. Cao Lau in Hoi An. Literally one of the best meals I had, the best Cao Lau was at Mrs Ly's... MMM. Coffee in Delat.

#Shopping and Partying in Saigon

#Eating snake in Hanoi, oh and doing shots of it's bile and blood and eating it's ground up bones on a cracker: despite the after effects...

#Scootering at Phu Quoc Island. Despite a wee accident: whoops!

#The Halong Bay Tour. Good start to the holiday...

#Nail Art in Saigon. Recommend!

#Meeting Katie: we love you x

And the lowlights of Vietnam:

#Vietnam Airlines - worst airline ever, will literally NEVER use them again. My friend and I bought and paid for our tickets on my friend's Father's credit card (and paid him back) before we left Australia. We were forced by Vietnam Airlines to repurchase our five sets of flights because of a bizarre policy where if you do not show the credit card you cannot board the flight. They do not state this when you purchase your tickets or on the tickets. The staff at this airline were inefficient, rude, unsympathetic and unwilling to help with this issue.

#Going home...

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