Monday, November 5, 2012


Leaving the islands to head to Bangkok was a bit of a  mission, but luckily a well organised one. We got a three hour ferry, a one hour bus and a 12 hour sleeper train from Koh Phangan to Bangkok (we paid 1500B or $45 Aus for an airconditioned second class ticket). James made friends with a guy called Josh from California on the bus (something about James attracts guys called Josh?). We ended up having dinner with Josh before we got on the sleeper train at 1am.

It was pretty hard case waiting for the train, there were lots of rats just running around and packs of street dogs.

We got ready for bed at the station, an interesting experience.

We would recommend that you stock up on food and water before your train ride :-) 

Our beds were comfy with clean sheets,a blanket and curtains across our beds. We pretty much got on the train and fell asleep until 9.30am the next morning. That's what partying in the islands does for you! We got into Bangkok at 1pm, had some lunch and checked into our fancy suite at D & D Hotel, Khao San Road, Bangkok. Two gigantic beds, a balcony, a flat screen television and large bathroom along with a pool and complementary buffet breakfast. Our room was really quiet despite the fact that we were literally in the centre of the action on Khao San Road. We paid $57 Australian between the three of us which wasn't bad at all. Sonja and I moved to a smaller room for our next two nights for $22 Australian between us a night, still really nice and quiet!

James and Sonja enjoying Street Pad Thai on Khao San Road, Bangkok

A man preparing our delicious duck dinner on the streets in Bangkok
Our main recommendations to other backpackers around this city is look around, ask prices and barter with your tours!

No probs with getting minors into bars in Bangkok...

We went on the River Kwai tour yesterday, we paid 380B each for our day's tour and lunch. The prices we asked around ranged between 380B and 600B. Two Americans on our tour even got sucked into paying 950B each for exactly the same tour as us!

Crossing the wooden bridge on the Death Railway
Sonja riding the Death Railway on our River Kwai trip

We visited the war cemetery and a museum, we rode the Death Railway, had a beautiful lunch in a local restaurant and visited a waterfall. It was a busy 12 hour day of travelling and touring but I would certainly recommend the tour. You get a different perspective on other events that occurred during WWII and learn some new history about Allied POW troops and just how much they were made to suffer.

Sonja walking through the cemetery

A New Zealand grave
Last night we had a social night meeting lots of people at an Irish Bar on Khao San Road. We had an apple flavoured Shisha for fun and introduced some Kiwis to Thai Whiskey buckets. Managed to meet some people from France, The Netherlands, Korea, USA and some local Thai partiers. It is so easy to meet people here as everyone is friendly and willing to have a chat and it makes for an awesome night, even if you never see them again!

Today we had to be up early to go and see the floating markets. It was fun floating up to the different stalls although we only bought a couple of small things because it is so touristy the prices are a bit crazy!

A dog enjoying a wash on the side of the Floating market
Our friend Alvaro from Brazil that we met on our floating market tour
We are just doing some last minute things around Bangkok before we head up to Chaing Mai on the train tonight. Sonja has been to see the Reclining Buddha today, an awesome sight.

The Reclining Buddha
And we some last minute shopping to cram in! After Vietnam and the not so good shopping we want to make sure we get things we like here.

James in his pimped out suit with his new earrings a-la-Koh Phagnan

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