Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chiang Mai Take One

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After a 17.5 hour train journey to Chiang Mai we were surprisingly relaxed!

Kim on the sleeper train
Last night we met up with our friend Josh from Koh Phi Phi and get crashed his tour party to have Mexican dinner and go to Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing. The dinner was delicious an the Muay Thai was...interesting! Not what we expected really.

Thai Boxing

Lady Thai boxing

Today we just had a chilled out day waking around the Old Town of Chiang Mai. It is really relaxed here!

Breakfast at Libra Guesthouse

Kim in front of a gate in the Old Town
Custard sausage sandwich anyone??

Three Kings Monument
Tomorrow we are off on a two day, one night trekking adventure that includes waterfalls, elephant riding, bamboo rafting, staying overnight in a local village and lots of walking!

Bye for now,

Sonja xx

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