Friday, February 8, 2013

Last stop: Hanoi

Flying into Hanoi was exciting but also sad, knowing the next time we would be at this airport we would be leaving Asia.

We booked in to stay at our favourite hostel in South East Asia, the Hanoi Backpacker's Hostel on Ma May. Everyone there is always so friendly and it is easy to get a group together to do whatever you want in the day and to go out with at night!

View from the rooftop of the hostel

We ended up going to the movies, which meant a fun trip to a fancy mall and some awesome Christmas decorations.
Simon and Chris man love

Delicious street food at a bargain price

Bum enhancing undies..? Something you don't see at home..

At night the bar downstairs at the hostel is the place to be, and we had an awesome night everynight with Team Winston, made up of Simon from England, Chris from Scotland and Kim and I. On our last night we were also joined by a group of Kiwi boys, making our dorm room into Invasion of the Kiwis, with 7/10 of us being from New Zealand.

Did someone say free shots?

I'm obsessed with glow in the dark...even switched to tonic so my drink would glow!

Freakish photo of Chris and Kim and a bit of Gangam of our  songs of Asia

Team Winston!

The government has cracked down a bit on the bars being open late and we were shut down by the police every night, but there is always somewhere to go, and in particular we enjoyed the "secret" kebab shop on the way home. It has the light off and the door rolled down until you walk past and say "kebab" then BOOM the door rolls up and the light comes on and you have your food fix.

We had a great time in our last stop before we jumped on a plane to London via Russia. Aeroflot was a surprisingly good experience. The food was good and we were fed twice on our way from Hanoi to Moscow, and then again on our way to London. I have to say though...landing and skidding on snow and ice at Moscow was experience...particularly when a Russian couple next to us clapped afterwards!

Tickets out of Asia

First of 3 Aeroflot meals..not bad!

And with that, we were in London and our South East Asian Adventure had come to and end. No more delicious random food like Pad Thai and Spring Rolls for breakfast, not knowing what day of the week it was and not caring because every night is another opportunity to go out and meet people (and drink of course), no more crammed buses and tuk tuks, choosing a fan room to save $2 and regretting it when you spend the night listening to plastic bags swirl around your room, never having to wear proper shoes and in particular going out every night in jandals...I could go on, but most of all...the people. Locals and travellers alike.

It was definitely the trip of a lifetime, and to do it with my best friend made if that more amazing.

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