Friday, February 8, 2013

Back in form in Hoi An

We werent originally planning a return trip to Hoi An, but couldnt resist visiting this picturesque town with the best food in Vietnam!

Hoi An River at night

We flew into Danang and got ripped on a taxi to Hoi An (Note to self: avoid the man with the walkie talkie at the airport who will "helpfully" get you a taxi) and decided to stay at the Long Life Hotel. We were insistant on staying somewhere with a pool before we realised the weather was much cooler up this end of the country. Our sunny days in Asia were over!

Long Life Hotel at night

Hoi An is a really pretty World Heritage Listed town. At night it looks beautiful with lights and lanterns everywhere. The buildings are also very different from the style seen elsewhere in Vietnam as this town was not bombed during the war.
Infront of the famous "Japanese Bridge"

We were able to enjoy some of the best food we have had in Vietnam, starting with a delicious breakfast at our hotel every morning.
Kim enjoying a delicious mango cocktail one night at dinner

Hoi an is also home to some great bars, in particular we really enjoy Before and Now, which has some amazing artwork by a local artist. Link to his Facebook here.

Artwork in the bar by Tran Trung Linh

Delicious cocktails at Before and Now

I also had a coat made at Kimmy Tailor because I will need it in the chilly weather in Scotland and some leather boots, plus Kim and I got matching high heels, and she also got another cream pair. Nothing like proper leather shoes fitted to your feet!

Lets go get a fitting after we have some drinks...
Remember to act really sober now...

Sonja trips on curb...cue hysterical laughter

Photos affectionately known as the "Kimmy Tailor Collection"
We also hired bikes to cycle around Hoi An and had a delicious dinner with Matt, who would know good food since he is a chef!
Cycling around Hoi An with Kim and Matt

Best sandwich ever

Food at the local market. Cheap and delicious!

Delicious fish baked in  leaves

In all, if you can spare the time I would always make a trip here, even just for a couple of days to enjoy the food and have some tailor made clothes or shoes whipped up!

Attempt to copy Louboutin shoes results in flight attendant shoes instead...

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