Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chilling in Phnom Penh

As we travelled through South East Asia and particularly Cambodia, most people told us that Phnom Penh was the kind of place you only need one or two days for. We ended up having an unscheduled (like our whole trip I guess??) 5 days there. And we loved it!

Kim exploring the city

We stayed at a really beautiful boutique hotel called Splash Inn. We were welcomed there straight away and the owner Graham and his staff did everything in their power to make our stay enjoyable. The food we had at the restaurant there was delicious and we ate there most of the time.

Feast of Champions: First dinner after 24 hours!

Delicious breakfast. You could pick anything on the menu and up to $7.50 was included! That covered all of this.
It was interesting to stay somewhere very different to our normal backpackers hostels or cheap guesthouses, as we were able to meet a range of different people. We met a lot of ex-pats making lives for themselves in Asia through various business opportunities they had uncovered. There were the American Casino owners, an Irish Consultant and a Kiwi businessman. It was great for us to see that if we want to we can expand our career prospects in a place like South East Asia.

Other than that we relaxed by the pool and had such much needed chilling out time.

My version of swimming for the first few days of our stay
Finally properly swimming on the last day and so excited!
When we did venture out of our gated community it was into a city that I think has a lot to offer. There were great boutique shops to look at as well as a decent market. The city itself is really pretty too with the river and lots of trees and parks everywhere. We had a great day with our tuk tuk driver Jame taking us around.

Our tuk tuk driver for the whole time, Jame, driving us around Phnom Penh
Sharing some Dairy Queen with Jame

The Kings Palace - As he had died a month earlier there were mourners outside all the time leaving flowers and lots of incense burning.
A bamboo scuplture in a park

When it finally came time to leave Phnom Penh got Vietnam 2.0 we had a bit of fun amusing ourselves on the bus journey out with some ridiculous pictures of ourselves...typical.

Bus DJing

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  1. loved reading the update and great pics again. sounds a lovely place, must go one day :)